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West Woodland

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West Woodland Homes Offer Views of the Salmon Bay

The West Woodland area features green front yards and a nice assortment of trees as far as the eye can see. This quintessential American neighborhood will enable buyers to select everything from quaint two bedroom houses that were built in the ’30s all the way to modern homes that resemble small mansions. In other words, no matter what type of real estate a buyer has in mind, they should be able to find it easily in West Woodland.  

The Homes of West Woodland

This neighborhood has a diverse mixture of different housing opportunities, but the majority of the available homes were built before 1950. This is consistent with this entire area of Seattle, and it allows buyers to purchase a house that has historical and aesthetic appeal. The average value of homes in West Woodland is slightly lower than the rest of the city, but this simply means that buyers will have the option to live in a nice residential area without investing as much money. This makes the West Woodland neighborhood a great fit for individuals and families who want to get the most for their money. The average sale price has been trending upward at a quick rate, however, so it is important to make a purchasing decision as soon as possible. Most of the available homes will have two to four bedrooms, but there are larger and smaller houses in the area as well.  

Shopping in West Woodland

West Woodland shares the majority of its retail establishments with the nearby Ballard neighborhood. When it is time to go shopping, many of the residents choose to frequent locally owned and operated stores such as Not a Number Cards and Gifts, the Ballard Market and Lucca Great Finds. All of the typical national chains are also available within a short driving distance, and the Wallingford Center ties everything together nicely with a blend of local and national shops.  

Popular Dining Options

After a long day of shopping, local residents have a diverse list of dining options available. Everything from well-known fast food chains to local restaurants fill the neighborhood. Highlights include the Ballard Mandarin Chinese Restaurant, Veraci Pizza, the Maritime Pacific Brewing Company, Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai and Mike’s Chili Parlor. The quaint and friendly area truly has something for everyone. 

The Salmon Bay and other Recreational Opportunities

Real estate across Seattle promises gorgeous scenery, and those who choose to settle in the West Woodland neighborhood will be given a gorgeous view of the Salmon Bay. Anyone who owns a boat will be especially delighted with this area due to the spacious and affordable Salmon Bay Marina. The nearby Salmon Bay Park was named after the area’s closest source of water-based recreational opportunities, and includes picnic tables and a children’s park that is suitable for both toddlers and older kids.  

Access to Downtown

Residents of West Woodland can typically reach the downtown area in 15 minutes, making it a perfect choice for commuters who do not wish to live in the heart of the city. However, it provides easy access the downtown area whenever residents decide that they want to spend the day looking at art, enjoying a sporting event or watching a Broadway musical. For these reasons and many more, West Woodland is a prime choice for buyers who are considering moving to Seattle.

Get real-time listing alerts for West Woodland.