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Residents Love the Small-Town Feel of Wallingford

While Seattle is an ever-growing and bustling city, there are outlying neighborhoods that, despite being only minutes away from the heart of downtown, make residents feel like they are somewhere else entirely. Home buyers who are interested in becoming part of one of the most popular residential neighborhoods in Seattle should consider planting their roots in the Wallingford area. The small-town feel of this neighborhood makes residents feel right at home, and the town includes easy access to eclectic shopping opportunities and a long list of recreational options. Homes in this neighborhood are also worth approximately $36,000 more than the Seattle average, and this provides a nice boost when residents decide to sell. 

Enjoy the Small-Town Feel of Wallingford

Even though the neighborhood is within Seattle’s city limits, it manages to have the appearance and ambiance of a smaller town. This is one of the main perks that attract most of its residents, and anyone who enjoys privacy but needs to live near downtown would be well advised to check into the Wallingford neighborhood. The majority of the homes here were built prior to 1940, meaning that residents are able to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of each other’s homes. However, home buyers who want a more modern look will also have options within the area. Most of the homes include anywhere from two to four bedrooms, but it is definitely possible to find a house with additional space.  

The Convenience of Living near the Water 

Despite Seattle’s reputation for being a rainy city, this area boasts some of the most beautiful and scenic views in the summer—not to mention hot summer days. Wallingford residents who enjoy spending time on the water will have several options to choose from. Not only is Puget Sound nearby, but Lake Union, Salmon Bay and Green Lake are all close enough to easily utilize for a wide variety of activities, including fishing, boating, kayaking, jet skiing and water skiing. The Lake Union Park features a pesticide free environment, and it is a popular location for those who want to launch a boat. Residents will also love living near multiple beaches, and this will come in handy during the hotter days of summer.  

Other Recreation Opportunities

One of the main highlights of the Wallingford neighborhood is the easy accessibility of the well-known Burke-Gilman Trail. This popular attraction features a trail that has more than 40 miles of prime space for hiking, jogging and walking. The 90-acre Woodland Park is also near the neighborhood, and it provides residents with tennis courts, BMX dirt jumps, baseball diamonds, a skatepark and a place to let their dogs run. Additionally, many residents utilize the historic Gas Works Park as the location for their wedding, picnic or family reunion. 

Shopping and Dining

Wallingford’s shopping district is filled with a unique blend of eclectic local shops, and it includes the Gasworks Gallery for those who are interested in collecting art. Residents also have multiple dining options to choose from ranging from ice cream shops to Kabul, which is a vegan friendly restaurant that features Afghan cuisine. 

The Downtown Area

Even though residents of the Wallingford neighborhood will find it easy to feel like they are living in their own small world, they will only be approximately ten minutes from the downtown area. This makes it extremely convenient for commuters, and it will also be easy to go downtown to see a play, a sporting event or a concert. With everything that Wallingford has to offer, it comes as no surprise that this area is one of the most prime real estate locations in the state.

Get real-time listing alerts for Wallingford.