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University Village

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Shopping and Dining Await Those Living Near the Ever-Expanding University Village

There are many considerations that buyers need to take into account before they select a new home. In addition to finding a house that suits their needs and fits into their price range, it is also imperative for home buyers to find an area that will fit their lifestyle. Residents who live near University Village in Seattle, Washington, are provided with an upscale shopping area and a gorgeous view of Lake Washington. For most incoming residents, this is the perfect mixture of convenience and beauty, and it is a major factor in their decision to buy a home in the area.  

The University Village Experience

University Village places an emphasis on providing a space for both local and national retail establishments. In other words, whether shoppers are looking for the latest fashions at Anthropologie or prefer to support a locally owned clothing business that sells items related to Seattle’s sports teams, they will be able to find the perfect store at University Village. 

Animal lovers are particularly fond of University Village due to the open-air environment that enables them to bring their dogs with them. Many of the stores are also dog friendly, so those who choose to bring their four-legged companion with them will not be stuck outside. In fact, unless an animal owner is planning to go into a restaurant, they should be able to get all of their shopping done with their dog at their side.  

The Perks of Living Near the University of Washington

University Village takes its name from the nearby University of Washington. Home buyers who enjoy living in a busy environment should always consider moving near a major university, and the downtown Seattle area is no exception. The University of Washington is a top 20 ranked research school, and it provides residents with access to education, employment and several sports teams to root for. In addition to which, the presence of a major university helps to bring a nice mixture of major and independent recording artists into the area for live performances. 

Lake Washington Provides Summertime Fun

Living near Lake Washington will provide residents with impressive views, and it also makes it easy to enjoy time in the water. Residents and tourists will have access to boat launches, kayaking and fishing opportunities, along with everything else that accompanies lakeside living.  

Why do so Many People Choose this Area of Seattle? 

The overall city of Seattle offers new residents several great perks, including a lower than average unemployment rate, no state income taxes and a wide selection of modern and historic homes. Therefore, regardless of what type of house someone is looking for, they are certain to find it within Seattle’s city limits. University Village is located slightly north of the downtown area, and residents of this area will have easy access to everything that the city has to offer. From professional sports teams such as the Seattle Mariners to delicious, waterfront restaurants that have amazing views, this is city that truly has something for everyone.

Get real-time listing alerts for University Village.