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Some of the Most Beautiful Homes in Washington are in Northwest Seattle

The Northwest area of Seattle includes the neighborhoods of Blue Ridge, Crown Hill, Bitter Lake and Broadview. It is also common for people to add Greenwood and Phinney Ridge into this same area, even if these neighborhoods do not completely fit inside of the geographic designation.  

The Benefits of Living in Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge neighborhood offers residents easy access to the water, and includes a private beach. Buyers who want to get away from city life will enjoy this area as it does not include any retail space. The view from the neighborhood is picturesque and includes Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Although residents do have to drive a few minutes to get to an area where they can go shopping, most people consider this to be one of the best aspects of living in Blue Ridge. 

The Close-Knit Vibe of Crown Hill

This neighborhood traces its origins back to the cemetery that shares its name, but it has been a popular spot among the living since the late 1940’s. As a result, the neighborhood boasts an architectural style that is different from many of the surrounding neighborhoods, and most people enjoy the fact that it often feels like the area is still living in the ’50s and ’60s. Appropriately, the neighborhood places a big emphasis on hosting events, and several homeowners celebrate the holiday season by attempting to end up on the list of Seattle’s best local lights. The neighborhood association also hosts a community wide garage sale once a year. 

Living in Bitter Lake 

This neighborhood was named after its most prominent resident: a 19 acre lake that shares its name. Bitter Lake includes a mixture of single family homes and condos, and this provides buyers with options that were built during several different decades. The Bitter Lake Community Center offers recreational opportunities, and residents have a nice mixture of national shopping options along Greenwood Avenue and Aurora Avenue. Some of the highlights include Puetz Golf and the Oak Tree Village Shopping Center.   

Live Near the Water in Broadview

Broadview gives home buyers the opportunity to purchase real estate that overlooks Puget Sound. Even homes that do not have direct exposure will give the owner quick access to all of the recreational opportunities that the water provides, such as boating, fishing, jet skiing, and water skiing. Residents who prefer to stay on the land can enjoy the trails at the Llandover Woods Greenspace. This peaceful area of the neighborhood is home to an impressive mixture of wildlife that includes eagles, owls, and mountain beavers. Broadview has a wide range of housing options available, including everything from older homes with just a couple of bedrooms all the way to large and beautifully appointed modern houses.  

Why is Northwest Seattle a Great Choice?

In addition to all of the perks listed above, each of these neighborhoods is located within 20 minutes of the downtown Seattle area. This makes it easy for commuters to enjoy living in a quiet neighborhood without giving up the quick accessibility a city provides. The vibrant downtown area also provides all of the entertainment and cultural opportunities that attract people to big city living.

Get real-time listing alerts for Northwest Seattle.