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Why Northeast Seattle is an Up and Coming Neighborhood

Northeast Seattle is a vibrant and diverse section of town, and it includes several neighborhoods that home buyers should consider. The geographic designation of the Northeast includes each of the following areas: Bryant, Hawthorne Hills, Laurelhurst, Meadowbrook, Ravenna, Sand Point, View Ridge, Wedgwood and Windermere. Although each neighborhood has its own specific charm, the entire region presents a solid opportunity to join an area that it destined to become one of the premiere spots in Seattle.  

The Homes of Northeast Seattle 

Since the region includes so many different neighborhoods, there is a seemingly endless supply of different variations. For example, it is possible to find everything from a multimillion dollar mansion in Laurelhurst to an extremely affordable two bedroom condo in Wedgwood. The real estate options that are currently available also include a mixture of historic homes with stunning architecture to modern selections that are also a work of art. With so much to choose from, it is no wonder that this area is becoming increasingly popular. After all, it is possible to find a home in almost any price range, and all of these neighborhoods provide quick access to the downtown area. 

Neighborhood Profiles

To help home buyers determine which neighborhood is the right one for them, the following list will examine the perks of living in each area. 


The Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center offers several different programs, and the nearby Warren G. Magnuson Park provides a long list of recreational options. When it is time for dinner, the locals often head to Gaudi, Jak’s Grill or Taverna Mazi.

Hawthorne Hills 

This neighborhood is next door to Bryant, and the two share the same basic amenities. This centralized location is less than nine miles from the downtown area.


This exclusive community offers some of the best real estate in all of Seattle. It also features the Burke-Gilman Playground Park, the Laurelhurst Community Center and the Union Bay Natural Area.


This neighborhood places a big emphasis on residential living. Therefore, there are no large strips of commercial land. Residents are able to enjoy access to the Meadowbrook Pool and the Meadowbrook Community Center.


This area contains a nice mixture of residential homes and shopping developments, including the University Village that is frequented from residents all over the Northeast. The popular Burke-Gilman Trail runs alongside the University Village, and this gives residents a great recreational option. 

Sand Point 

This neighborhood enjoys gorgeous views of the water, and it also includes multiple recreational opportunities at the Warren G. Magnuson Park.

View Ridge

Home buyers who love playing golf should strongly considering moving into this neighborhood to take advantage of the close proximity of the Sand Point Country Club. 


The Wedgwood area offers a long list of different dining options, including the Wedgwood Ale House and Cafe, Wedgwood Broiler and Thai of Wedgwood. 


Residents of Windermere are treated to stunning views of Wolf Bay on a daily basis. Most of the shopping is done in nearby neighborhoods, but Windermere is the home of Pollywag Baby. 

Making a Selection

Each of the neighborhoods listed above is close enough to enjoy all of the same dining, shopping and recreational opportunities, and they are also within a short drive of the downtown area. Therefore, it is easy for buyers to find a great option within the Northeast region of the city.

Get real-time listing alerts for Northeast Seattle.