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Homeowners in Magnolia are Greeted by Views of the Sound and Plenty of Parks

There are few places in Seattle that don’t hold out the promise of breathtaking views, but few deliver like Magnolia. Set on a scenic peninsula just a short drive northeast of downtown, this neighborhood offers sweeping vistas of the Puget Sound and the rugged landscape beyond. Although Magnolia is clearly part of Seattle’s urban landscape, it has a tight-knit community spirit coupled with an attractive out-of-the-way feel. Accordingly, it’s a natural target for young families and boasts some of the highest-quality schools and open spaces in King County. To top it off, Magnolia is eminently affordable.

Great Parks for Residents of Magnolia

One of Magnolia’s greatest strengths is its ample parkland. Centrally-located Magnolia Community Center offers a host of indoor recreational activities for kids and adults alike. It’s also surrounded by multi-use fields that are perfect for pickup soccer and football games as well as a variety of youth-league sporting events. What’s more, the adjacent elementary school’s grounds feature three baseball diamonds. Just across the way, the Magnolia Playground offers more open space and another diamond.

Just a short drive or bike ride down the neighborhood’s leafy streets, sprawling Discovery Park offers some of the most comprehensive recreational opportunities in the entire city. Discovery Park Boulevard winds through the park’s forested landscape and passes several historic buildings that used to be part of old Fort Lawton. Although the fort was decommissioned long ago, neighborhood kids get a kick out of viewing the well-preserved spaces and imagining what life must have been like in rougher days. The park also offers ample water frontage and houses the Daybreak Indian Cultural Center.

Nearby Kiwanis Ravine Park features a rugged landscape and plenty of walking paths. On the southern side of the neighborhood, Magnolia Park and Smith Cove Park offer yet more access to nearly unspoiled stretches of Puget Sound shoreline. 

Families Enjoy Great Schools

Of course, kids can’t spend all of their waking hours at the park. Fortunately, Magnolia boasts some of the best schools in Seattle. From Catharine Blaine Elementary and Magnolia Cooperative School to the Our Lady of Fatima parochial school, local families have plenty of quality educational options that don’t require them to make a time-consuming drive across town each morning.

Homeowners are Greeted by Beautiful Views

Since Magnolia is surrounded by water on three sides, it’s home to literally hundreds of houses with private boat docks and legitimate waterfront access. Many of these homes are surprisingly modest and fall squarely within many middle-class families’ means. While other waterfront areas around town might come with a higher price tag, Magnolia is recognized as a bastion of affordable homeownership.

Convenient Commute

The Emerson, Gravus and Garfield Street bridges that connect Magnolia to “mainland” Seattle rarely back up with traffic even at the height of the morning rush. What’s more, the neighborhood is home to some of the city’s most avid bike commuters. After all, it’s a lot easier to gear up for a morning bike ride when it holds out the promise of panoramic vistas of the sound and city. If you’re looking for an attractive, affordable and homeowner-friendly neighborhood that’s just minutes from the restaurants and entertainment venues of downtown Seattle, give Magnolia a closer look.

Get real-time listing alerts for Magnolia.