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Loyal Heights

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Stay Close to the Sound in Loyal Heights

With amazing views of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound, Loyal Heights remains prime real estate (and a lovely neighborhood) for potential buyers. Originally a suburb of Ballard, Loyal Heights was annexed by the city of Seattle, and it is now a large neighborhood. Due to its location, residents may have to drive for a few extra minutes each day to reach their places of employment, but the tradeoff of living in a more secluded environment with gorgeous scenery is more than worth it for residents here. 

The Charm of Loyal Heights

Residents who move into the Loyal Heights neighborhood will typically select a home that was built before the 1960’s, though many newer homes are also available. Since the majority of the neighborhood includes earlier homes, the entire area has an old school charm that is very appealing to many home buyers. Combined with the fact that the neighborhood is quieter than the busier portions of the city, it is easy to understand why Loyal Heights is such a desirable location. 

Local Area Attractions 

One of the main reasons that people select Loyal Heights is to be near Puget Sound. Living in this area provides residents all of the benefits of living near the water without the price tag that typically accompanies coastal properties. Residents will also have easy access to the Corinthian Yacht Club and the Loyal Heights Community Center.  

Residents who commute downtown will be within ten miles of their workplace. Loyal Heights homeowners will also be able to enjoy everything else that comes with Seattle life, including the Seattle Aquarium, MLB games at Safeco Field and the Seattle Art Museum. 

Residents of Loyal Heights will love the easy accessibility of Puget Sound. In addition to providing breath-taking views year-round, living so close to the Puget Sound offers residents a great way to spend many a summer day. Some of the activities that residents participate in include boating, kayaking, fishing, water skiing, surfing and jet skiing. 

Great for Families 

Loyal Heights is perfect for families of all sizes, but those with children can rest assured knowing the area boasts some of the best schools in Seattle. Loyal Heights Elementary has received numerous Washington Achievement Awards, and is a National Blue Ribbon School.  

A Scenic Backdrop 

Living near mountains makes the everyday view from Loyal Heights much more visually appealing, but homeowners do not need to stop at merely admiring the view. Instead, residents will be able to access the Olympic National Park by taking a ferry ride from the city. Once the ferry ride ends, visitors to the park can enjoy hiking, backpacking, fishing, camping, ranger-led excursions and a long list of other outdoors related activities.  

Why Seattle? 

The entire city of Seattle enjoys a higher than average employment rate, and the crime rate is also lower than other major cities of a comparable size. When you combine this with mild winters and easy accessibility to the entire West Coast, it becomes easy to understand why so many people choose to live in the Loyal Heights neighborhood of Seattle.

Get real-time listing alerts for Loyal Heights.