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A Friendly and Charming Neighborhood is a Perk for Residents of Greenwood

For some homeowners, the quality of the neighborhood as a whole matters just as much as the quality of the home purchased. Home buyers with this concern are in luck in Seattle: the Greenwood neighborhood promises homeowners both a beautiful home and a welcoming neighborhood with plenty of amenities. Ideal for home buyers who enjoy having easy access to quaint shops and restaurants, this area is well-known for its friendly and charming ambiance, and residents here are able to take advantage of everything that the city of Seattle has to offer.  

Real Estate in Greenwood

The Greenwood area has affordable housing options for individuals, couples and families who want to live in an area that is busy by day, but quiet and safe by night. Most of the houses have two or three bedrooms, but it is possible to find larger or smaller options. The typical house price in the Greenwood neighborhood is approximately $160,000 less than the city average. The neighborhood also features a nice selection of historical and modern homes to suit everyone’s aesthetic preferences. 

Shopping in Greenwood

Residents from all over Seattle flock to the Greenwood neighborhood to take advantage of the unique shopping opportunities, but those who purchase a home here will have the distinct advantage of being able to quickly and easily check in on their favorite locations for the latest items. In order to encourage residents to mingle, explore the local shops and discover a fabulous new piece of art, the neighborhood hosts a monthly art walk.  

Annual Events

In addition to all of the events that take place within the city limits on a regular basis, the Greenwood neighborhood also hosts two of its own annual events. The Greenwood Classic Car Show is held each year in June, and the Greenwood Seafair Parade takes place in July. These events are very popular and draw thousands of people every year. The car show is known as the largest single day automotive event in the entire state, and it includes a display of several hundred classic cars along a stretch of road that is 1.5 miles long. The parade has been taking place since 1950, and it features marching bands, floats, and the Seafair Pirates.  

Dining Options

Although residents will certainly have access to national chain restaurants, the neighborhood places a large emphasis on local dining options. For example, the award-winning Mr Gyros on Greenwood Avenue North is locally owned and operated and features an inexpensive menu that is perfect for refueling during a day of shopping. The neighborhood is also home to the non-profit Green Bean Coffeehouse, the Naked City Taphouse and the delectable Chocolati Handmade Chocolates. 

Access to Downtown

Residents who commute downtown for work spend an average of 15 to 20 minutes on the road. Living this close to downtown without giving up the perks of being in a charming neighborhood environment is a major draw for people who are considering purchasing real estate, so it is no wonder that the best home options do not last long on the market. In order to take full advantage of the best locations in the neighborhood, it is important for home buyers to work with their real estate agent to ensure a quick turnaround time on new leads.

Get real-time listing alerts for Greenwood.