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Living in Green Lake Means There’s Always Something to Do

The Green Lake neighborhood in Seattle is located approximately 15 minutes from Safeco Field, which gives its residents easy access to the downtown area without living directly in the middle of a bustling city. Some of the most sought-after property in Seattle can be found here, where a glacial lake is surrounded by quaint homes and green parks.  

The Perks of Living near Green Lake Park

Most people who choose to live in the Seattle area like the pace of life that accompanies a major city, but this does not mean that they do not want to be able to enjoy a leisurely day in the great outdoors. When a buyer makes the decision to purchase real estate in Green Lake, they will gain immediate access to the best of the city and the recreational opportunities at Green Lake Park. Residents will be able to go for a walk, take a jog or ride their bicycles on the 2.8 mile trail that goes around the lake. Other popular activities that take place at the park include volleyball, soccer, dog walking, rollerblading, basketball and windsurfing. The park also provides a workout station, and there is a swimming beach that residents are encouraged to use during the summer. 

Available Homes 

The houses that are available in Green Lake include a diverse mixture of condos, single family homes and townhouses. However, single family homes are the most prevalent option. These homes typically have a higher value and appreciation rate than the Seattle average, and the vast majority of these beautifully designed pieces of real estate were built before 1940. Green Lake residents typically travel about 15 minutes to work, and the area has a higher than average concentration of home owners versus renters. Home buyers who are looking for a lot of space will have several options; in fact, the majority of homes in the Green Lake neighborhood have three or four bedrooms. There are smaller and larger room counts, however, just as there are also several homes on the market that were made after 1940.

Other Highlights of the Green Lake Area 

The Woodland Park Zoo is located near the Green Lake neighborhood, and it is a prime spot for both families and individuals who have an interest in learning about animals and conservation. The zoo features several unique programs, and visitors who go there in the near future will be able to enjoy a viewing of the lion cubs that were recently born within the Woodland Park Zoo. Green Lake also offers residents the opportunity to see plays at the Seattle Public Theater, collect impressive works of art at the Fine Impressions Gallery and learn about the botanical side of Seattle by joining the Washington Native Plant Society. 

What Sets Seattle Apart?

There are several major cities on the West Coast, but Seattle is unique because it offers a cleaner environment, growing employment opportunities and a climate comfort index that is 28 points higher than the national average. All of these perks are combined with a large emphasis on culture and health care, and the city also features enough professional sports teams to make any sports lover happy. With everything positive that Seattle and the Green Lake neighborhood have to offer, it is no wonder that the city’s annual population growth is 1.42 percent higher than the U.S. average.

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