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A few words from past clients:

Working with Sam was a dream come true. He knew the right questions to ask, he pointed out things we would have never known, and he was able to get us the house we wanted, but never thought we could afford. He is friendly, responsive, knowledgeable , and best of all, skilled beyond his years in the real estate world. He understand construction, as well as how the market works. We were able to reach him day and night to talk through things and he was always friendly and ready to answer questions. Overall it was a wonderful experience working with him. I can honestly say, we would not be in our dream home right now if it weren't for Sam.

Chad Wichers

Sam is the best real estate agent we have ever worked with. He recently helped us purchase an investment property and we never would have made it through without his help and expert guidance.

No matter the ridiculous hurdle the bank threw at us, Sam was right there with solutions. Add to that his ability to negotiate, which he uses expertly on behalf of his clients, and you have someone who will be an excellent guide and advocate for you. Sam clearly loves his job and excels at it as a result.

No one else has even a chance at becoming our agent. After our experience working with Sam, there is no way we would even consider working with anyone else.

Sam Harris was awesome! He had so much patience, know-how, great feedback and genuine concern. He was an amazing real-estate agent and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a real-estate agent. Thank you Sam! You helped make this happen!

Sam was a pleasure to work with. He was available to talk with and took time to preview homes for us and make sure our time was spent viewing the best options.

Sam is a wonderful gentleman, easy to work with and knowledgeable about many aspects of real estate and life.

Sam is the best agent I have dealt with. He is a good listener and attentive to both my wife and my own needs when it came to looking for a home. Sam deserves praise.

Sam Harris is a wonderful, energetic and positive realtor. He is 100% available and well versed in the market. We are thrilled with his service and will recommend him to our friends and family.

Sam is extremely professional, asks great probing questions to ensure he shows houses that fit the buyers needs, is aggressive in a great positive way-getting in front of the selling agent to persuade offers, and is extremely knowledgeable with this industry, both as an agent, but also with home improvement possibilities and during inspection.