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A Warm Welcome to Windermere

By Sam Harris

After spending the last 14 years with John L. Scott Real Estate, I have made a wonderful change to the most professional and successful real estate company in the Greater Seattle Region.  With well over 30% of the market share in most Seattle areas and over 40% in North Seattle, Windermere has proven its professionalism to both agents and customers.  Windermere Greenlake made me an offer I could not refuse and since the new office is located on the East Side of Greenlake, a block north of Starbucks on Greenlake Drive, I can WALK to work!!!  I truly love it.  The only changes you will notice is the color of my signs and cards though.  We will be having a Grand Opening for the new location sometime this summer when the rennovations are complete.  More to come on the office progress.  For now, keep on buying real estate and remember that up or down, prices over the last 100 years double every 15 years or so!


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